Friday, April 15, 2011

April is School Library Month!

During School Library Month, it's a great time to reflect on the various purposes of a school library.  So, what do you do at your school library? 

Find books for recreational or leisure reading.
Find books needed for research assignments.
Learn how to use online subscription resources, such as our databases - that are designed for students.
Learn how to access and use our e-book collection.
Read newspapers and magazines.
Consult the librarian, that would be me, about reading or school project matters - I'd be happy to help!


Collaborate with other students (or teachers with teachers) on school projects...and/or catch up with friends.
Discuss ideas and how to go about making them happen.
Research ideas and concepts by taking advantage of all of the resources the Library offers.
Try out some Web 2.0 apps.
Create new information using Web 2.0 technology.
Design alternative presentations for what you have learned.


Read blogposts, and add your comments.
Contribute information to a wiki.
Listen to a podcast, and/or create one yourself.
Use social bookmarking to record books you have read, write reviews, and share with others.
Network safely through appropriate social media.
Join BookChat!, our school book discussion group.

This is not a complete list at all.  How many of the items listed above have you participated in?  There are probably quite a few that would be new for you. 

Remember...our school library is here for you!  Plan on taking advantage of its many resources!

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